Partners and Collaborators

Georgetown University

Georgetown University is an internationally recognized educational and research university engaged in the discovery and development of new cancer diagnostics and therapeutics through the programs of the Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center. Shuttle Pharmaceuticals subcontracts clinical aspects of SBIR funded research to establish cancer cell lines from African-Americans patients and to develop predictive biomarkers for patient sensitivity to radiation late-effects.

George Washington Cancer Center

Collaborations between the Villagra lab at George Washington University and the Shuttle Pharmaceuticals' lab resulted in a joint presentation at the October 2020 AACR Conference of research addressing: "Immune-mediated Tumor Growth Inhibition by Selective HDAC6 Inhibitor SP-2-225." Dr. Villagra has served as a Scientific Advisor to Shuttle Pharmaceuticals with expertise in cellular signaling pathways, epigenetics and immunology since 2017.  


The Small Business Innovation Research program is a United States Government program, managed by the Small Business Administration and intended to help small businesses conduct research and development of products that offer potential for commercialization. Funding to Shuttle Pharmaceuticals has been in the form of contracts for projects that meet U.S. government R&D needs.


Propagenix is an R&D-stage cell therapy company engaged in the development and commercialization of cell growth technology developed at Georgetown University. Shuttle Pharmaceuticals sublicenses "conditional reprogramming cell" technology to enable the creation of cell lines for testing new and more effective drugs to enhance human healthcare.

Sun Pharma/Pola Pharma

Pola Pharma is a Japanese pharmaceutical company engaged in research and development, manufacture, sale and distribution of branded and generic products in Japan. Pola Pharma has licensed hypoxic radiation sensitizer technology to Shuttle Pharmaceuticals.  Sun Pharma acquired Pola Pharma in November 2018.

TCG GreenChem

TCG GreenChem Inc. is a sister company of TCG Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd. Both are a part of the TCG Group based in New York, NY and together a leading global Custom Research and Manufacturing Services (CRAMS) company in the area of drug discovery, development and commercialization. They
have a presence in the United States, India, and Japan.  TCG GreenChem Founder and Chief Executive Officer,  Chris Senanayake, PhD along with Executive Vice President and Global Head of Research and Development, Executive Vice President and Global Head of Research and Development joined Shuttle's leadership team in 2020 with a commitment to enable advancing the new formulation of IPdR to phase I/II clinical studies in combination with funding from the NIH.

University of Virginia

The University of Virginia is an internationally recognized educational and research university engaged in the discovery and development of new cancer therapeutics and has developed the "Atomic Radiation" intellectual property. Shuttle Pharmaceuticals holds an option to license the intellectual property for the development and commercialization of heavy oxygen containing radiation sensitizers.